The Huron County Prosecutors Office
The Huron County Prosecutors Office is comprised of four divisions:
Civil, Criminal, Juvenile and Victim Assistance.


The Prosecutor is the statutory representative for Huron County governmental entities, including all county agencies, county elected officials, library districts, State Fire Marshals and townships and school districts as required.

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Victim Assistance

The Huron County Victim Assistance Program was established to inform residents of Huron County their rights as victims, to provide quality supportive services and information those who have been affected by the criminal acts of others.

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The Prosecuting Attorney represents the State of Ohio by inquiring into prosecuting felony crimes committed by adults and all offenses committed by juveniles.

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Our goal is to ensure that children and their families who come within the jurisdiction of the Huron County Juvenile Court leave the system more capable of living safely, productively and responsibly.

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